Vaccination Requirements

Pittsburgh Pet Concierge values the health and safety of all our guests.  For any service in which your dog or cat is to enter our resort or be under our care, the below vaccination requirements must be met.   All vaccinations are to be provided from your veterinarian's office or a copy can be provided from the client.  If your pet is not up to date on the vaccinations listed, we reserve the right to refuse all services.  All vaccinations must be current through the end of the stay, and may not expire while under our care.  Our system tracks all of our guest's vaccinations and expiration dates.  You will receive an email notification alerting you to a vaccination that is to expire soon.

Required Vaccines for Dogs & Cats
Required Stool Testing for Dogs 

For Cats:   FVRCP & Rabies


For Dogs: We require proof of 4 vaccines and results from a *specific* Fecal Test (see below)
Required Dog Vaccines:
1. Rabies Vaccine
2. Distemper Combo Vaccine
3. Bordetella Vaccine
4. Canine Infuenza Vaccine (first dose will be accepted if a second appointment is scheduled for the booster)

5. Required Fecal Test every six months (Puppy & Dogs Only)
We require results from the lab showing a Parasite/OVA antigen test was performed on your Stool Sample. 

We do not accept in house Fecal testing results from your vet. The stool sample must be sent out from your vet to either Idexx or Antec labs for this test. Instructions below. 

Please collect and drop off a fresh stool sample at your vet OR at our vet partner (see below for more details).
Fecal lab results take 24 to 72 hours and any treatment (if necessary) requires 1-6 weeks depending on your results. 
We strongly recommend dropping off a sample at your vet as soon as you know you need to board. 
To avoid getting the wrong stool test done it is imperative to instruct the front desk of the following when you hand your stool sample over:
“I want this sample sent out to either Idexx or Antec labs to receive a parasite/ova antigen test and to please fax the results to 412.856.8505.”

We have partnered with PawsPT a veterinary practice in Monroeville, PA to assist customers of PPC to get expedited appointments so you can get your family in quickly (to get any of our health requirements met) along with exclusive discounted pricing for customers of PPC. 

Please phone your vet to find out the expiration dates for : Bordetella , Rabies, and Distemper vaccines (so you can have Paws PT or your Veterinarian) get everything up to date during the same visit. 

If you are 100% sure have all required vaccines and they will all be up to date during your future stay (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Canine Infleunza) AND all you need is the stool test done:
You can drop off your dogs stool sample at PawsPT anytime during normal business hours and most other Vet Practices.

*****If you need to use our veterinary partner Paws PT:
Be sure you mention you are a customer of Pittsburgh Pet Concierge when you call. Also mention the following: 
The date you need to board and which vaccines you will need when you arrive for your appointment. Also mention if you will be bringing a stool sample for the Fecal Ova / parasite antigen test. 

*It is in your best interest to drop off your dogs stool sample well ahead of time even if it is before your appointment (if you can) (so you will have time to treat anything)  in plenty of time (if needed). 

To clarify: 
PawsPT will administer :
Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Canine Influenza, and stool testing. (Everything we need)

The phone number and address for PawsPT is:

1722 Golden Mile Highway
Monroeville, PA 15146
If you know your family is missing any of these requirements please reply to let us know you are aware and what you plan to do. 

We will not honor a stay without these being met.  It is your responsibility to ensure this requirements are met.